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Private Communications Corporation is transforming the mobile experience by turning public WiFi connections into private VPNs and reducing data usage by up to 50%.

Living up to a secure and enhanced experience.

From our founding, Private Communications has always stood for empowering people to protect themselves online. With our flagship product, Private WiFi, we protect users while they use public WiFi connections from hackers and identity thieves. Our DataCompress solution extends that protection to include controlling costly data usage - so that people around the world can enjoy an enhanced mobile experience without lagging from excessively large data downloads.

Our software is simple to use and puts users' needs first. Our patented technology automatically determines when a WiFi connection is unsecure and quickly connects to an encrypted VPN. Similarly, compression is turned on when connection switches to mobile network.

Private WiFi

Private WiFi

Encrypt public Internet connections to create secure personal VPNs.

On a public WiFi network, users' private information is an easy target. Anyone in range can "listen in" to all of the data users send and receive - as easily as tuning to the right station. And most users don't realize that antivirus and firewall software don't protect them. Private WiFi keeps them safe.

By encrypting the user's WiFi signal through a VPN server, Private WiFi protects users' identities and personal information as soon as an unsecure network is detected. Everything they do online is protected by bank-level security - so they can surf, share, shop and bank with confidence.


On a laptop, Private WiFi is easy to download and installs in just minutes. But on smartphones and tablets, installation is even faster - all it takes is a quick trip to the Apple Store or Google Play.


Private WiFi is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using a 128-bit encryption to secure everything sent and received - web traffic, emails, and instant messages. It works by creating an encrypted "tunnel" between the user's device and one of our secure servers - the same kind of encryption banks or credit card companies use. Within seconds of an unsecure connection being detected, Private WiFi sends all of the user's data through this tunnel at high speed, invisible to anyone else who might be looking.


Once Private WiFi is installed, it automatically activates itself once an unsecure connection is detected. It runs invisibly in the background while users browse the web or write an email. Every time the user connects to the Internet, Private WiFi reroutes their data through an encrypted server in another location, so the user remains anonymous.


Private WiFi connects instantly when public wifi is present - and its status screen provides real-time information about the users' connection. So they always know when Private WiFi is working for them.

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Usernames, passwords, social media account details, and other confidential information can literally be stolen out of thin air. Private WiFi gives users an airtight defense.

Private WiFi is Secure

Bank-Level Security

Private WiFi scrambles the device's WiFi signal using 128-bit SSL encryption, the same proven technology trusted by major companies, banks, and government agencies. Plus, we never sell our users' information to third-party companies, like "free" solutions.

Private WiFi is Easy

Easy To Use

Revolutionary, patented technology detects unsecure networks and activates itself automatically, encrypting the users' connection. It works anywhere, even on the wired networks in many hotel rooms.

Private WiFi Confidence

Flexible and Adaptable

Private WiFi has been built for easy integration with our partners' existing product sets and business strategies. And, we work with partners every step of the way to ensure successful deployment of the software.

Ensure Privacy on Any Device

Compatible with

Apple Windows Android

Laptops and Desktops

- PCs with Windows 8.x or Windows 10 operating systems.
- Intel-based Macs with OSX 10.10 through the latest.

Tablets and Smartphones

- iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS10 or higher.
- Android handsets and tablets running Android 6 and above.



Private WiFi

No matter the data plan, it always pays to use less.

Smartphones can devour data, causing overage fees and reduced network speeds. DataCompress quickly shrinks pictures and text before sending to the phone. With less data consumed, users can get more out of their data plan. And since DataCompress acts instantly, without lag during compression, users gain a higher-performing mobile experience.

DataCompress is the only data-savings product created by a privacy company. So, not only do users benefit from faster downloads and up to 50% reduced data usage, their information is absolutely secure - since we'll never share their personal information or Internet habits.

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Save Money

DataCompress helps users avoid overage fees. With prepay or pay-as-you-go data plans, users see the savings right away. Those on a monthly plan may be able to switch to a cheaper data plan.

Avoid Speed Caps

Some network speeds get reduced when users reach a specific threshold. DataCompress helps them stay under the cap and in the fast lane longer each month - saving them money.

Surf the Web Faster

DataCompress optimizes content for mobile devices. Web pages and images load faster. Apps run more smoothly. Waiting times are reduced. So users enjoy a higher-performing mobile experience.

Keep Data Private

"Free" compression apps sell the user's information - that's why they're free. DataCompress takes privacy seriously and never stores, analyzes, monetizes or shares information about users or their habits.

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DataCompress DataCompress DataCompress DataCompress

How DataCompress Works

It happens in fractions of a second. Instead of wasting time and data downloading a picture that's unnecessarily big, users get only what they need: a picture that's the perfect size for their phone.

In testing, DataCompress reduced data usage by:

Up To 50%

Some users saw reductions of up to 70%, while others saw less. Savings vary based on the sites users visit - because different websites are built to compress at different rates.

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